Play. Learn. Code

Enrol your child in our 2 weeks summer camp where iQubeTT and TechQuest
introduce the next generation of problem solvers to the required tech skills

(Age range from 8 - 16)

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Great Programs for Children

Explore a wider range of activities

Animation | Game Design
The Children can build own
interactive stories, animations
and games
Mobile App Development
The Children can build functional
apps for smartphones using
a web browser
Children would learn how
tobuild their own robots and
program them; learning
how complex machines work
Digital Electronics
Participants will learn how to use
Microcontrollers and Electronic
components to build working
circuits and gadgets
Drone Technology
Kids will learn the underlying
scientific principles of drones
and how to fly them.
3D Modelling and Printing
Children will learn how to
model objects in 3D and
print their models
Web Design | Development
Participants will learn how to
design websites and also learn
how to develop them.

A thrilling experience

Children would be going on an excursion
within this period to a top tech company
in Nigeria. We are sure this would enable
them see how these things apply in the
real world


The Industrial Experience

By visiting a top tech company in Nigeria, we are to foster growth in the interst of technology.

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